Project Collaboration Systems

Project Collaboration Systems

Project Collaboration is the basis of bringing in project team members to work together by sharing knowledge, experience, skills for the development of a new project.

TIMS3 ProjectWeb is a leading project collaboration software offering a set of tools that enable team members to get projects done, quickly find information they need and above all able to communicate and work together to achieve common business goals.

What Enterprises Really Need, And File Sharing Cloud services are Missing That Point

The core elements of a project collaboration software are:

  • email notifications
  • document sharing
  • Support for document metadata
  • group calendar
  • team collaboration (Wiki, Calendar, Meetings)
  • Real-time collaboration (Stream, Chat, Forums)
  • Audit trail, to permit the reconstruction of who did what to a document during the course of its life in the system

ACMSOFT provide following services for Microsoft SharePoint, TIMS3 ProjectWeb and ProjectWebFM:

  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Support and Develop custom tools and extensions
  • Training and Support
Project Collaboration Systems