Big Bang Ideas

Big Bang Ideas

We are passionate about your project

Are you having trouble starting your dream technology project? We are here to help you with the tools, resources, guidance and funding. All you have to do is ask.

Here is a short list of areas of our interest:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Services
  • Big Data applications
  • Database applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media applications
  • Manufacturing process optimization applications
  • Industrial process optimization applications
  • Enterprise applications

Our mission is to help bring your idea to a successful project

Coming up with the next “Big Bang” idea is no easy task or is it?

No matter how much guidance you have, it is paramount to come up with an idea of your own. At this stage, a pen and paper are your best friends. Without worrying about structure or format, start writing down ideas.

Nothing interesting yet? Your next best bet is to review books, magazines or lecture notes. Skim over them and look for subjects you found interesting. Look for emerging trends.

You got an idea! Now think from all angles. Take basic direction and start turning it over and over in your mind. Write down everything you come up with on paper, even if it doesn't seem viable. Start with obvious approaches, and then try to think about other questions that are indirectly related to the main thrust of your guidelines. Ask “Why?” at least five times. Keep adding items until you can't think of any more.

You got an idea but don't know what to do about it, please contact us

“If you do this often, it will happen often.”

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